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Video Production in Creative & Wedding Videos

Hello there. In a world full of crazy & brilliant, outside of the box ideas; it’s important to unleash these. We do this with moving images. We specialise in crafting creative videos for local businesses & beautiful, insanely in love couples who love the idea of having their wedding in the form of a video!  So, if you’re looking for a professional, fun, and dedicated videographer,  you’ve come to the right place! Your experience with us will most definitely be comfortable, relaxing, and most importantly exciting, as it should be!

Wedding Films, Wedding Videography, Melbourne Films, VIC, Wedding Videos

We offer services in creative and wedding videography. Check out what we do, below.

Wedding Films, Wedding Videography, Melbourne Films, VIC, Wedding Videos

We take our craft very seriously. Check out our work as we update it regularly!

Wedding Films, Wedding Videography, Melbourne Films, VIC, Wedding Videos

Getting to know you is our favourite part of the job. We’d love to hear from you!

I am so impressed by the clarity, creativity and inspired videography of Jane & Vailele wedding trailer, capturing an essence of the couple's experience with a lot of heart.

James Owen

Wedding Films


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What We Do

1. Wedding Videography.

We at S.P. Films like to create the most outstanding wedding videos for each of our couples; following each couple's personal style. We portray a true love story of each couple we capture, allowing our couples to look back on their sweetest memories, forever.

2. Documentary.

Every documentary we make we try to tell a notable story for viewers to admire and remember. We have so much passion for the stories we get to share, and the beautiful people who have the courage to be in front of the camera.

3. Creative.

Here at S.P. Films we've helped many of our trusted clients and friends in creating videos, to further generate awareness or their ideas to either educate or inspire the general public. Want to get in touch to make your video? Click below to discover more about the service we provide in creative videos.



Hi, I'm Sabrina! Since the start of 2018 I have run S.P. Films with a small in-house crew. As an artistic production team we continue to put in time and 110% effort into all projects. We specialise in documentary and event videography. One of our upcoming documentaries is ‘Importance of Cystic Fibrosis’, which tells the stories of those living with Cystic Fibrosis. Additionally, we provide service in wedding videography and creative cuts, endeavouring to craft memorable stories for each and every couple. We here at 'S.P. Films' are determined to strive for continued learning, passion and authentic creations behind the camera. Our promise to you is our dedication in providing the most attentive, personalised videos.

All of your work is great! Thanks for filming our performances with the choir; we made such happy memories.

Mirka Maria from 'ZING' The Dutch Choir in Melbourne

Thank you so much! For all time and creativity that has gone into Roses, Fan and Pencil Pines video. I appreciate your skillful attention to details and presentation.

James Owen; Tai Chi Instructor

Had S.P. Films film my wedding day, and they did an absolutely fantastic job; will definitely be recommending them to all my friends and family. Thank you so much S.P. Films! 

Meagan and John C.

Wedding Films, Wedding Videography, Melbourne Films, VIC, Wedding Videos

Melbourne is our home

"Melbourne, with a population of more than three million, is Australia's second largest city. It is regarded as the cultural and fashion capital of Australia and renowned for its fine restaurants. It is a true multicultural city with more than one quarter of Melbourne's inhabitants born overseas."

Whether you're looking to get married within Melbourne's gorgeous city, or create creative videos in the luxurious centre of Australia's most liveable city, we're here to help. We also travel through regional states across Australia and the outer suburbs of beautiful, Melbourne.  There is no shortage of venues in Melbourne or throughout Australia, so if you are a big city couple who want to tie the knot in one of the greatest cities in the world, or love to have a country styled wedding, let's get in touch!


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S.P. Films is a production company specialising in documentary, creative and cinematic, event and wedding videos.

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